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Name of the Shadow
Author: Scott A. Story Publisher: Story Studios Publish: 01 Dec, 2020 ISBN: 0981739369 Pages: 444 Tags:Name of the Shadow | Scott A. Story | Scott Story | Buy Now

Raeth is the Walker in Shadows, a legend made flesh, the greatest thief in the world. He has money, connections, and fame—everything should be perfect.

Everything but that scarred necromancer who is blackmailing him.

To become the greatest thief in Aorlis, Raeth has made a few “questionable” choices and taken missions that should have been refused. Who achieves greatness without a few mistakes along the way?

Now, those old choices have returned with a vengeance, and for Raeth, it’s a do or die dilemma.Raeth has to maneuver through a maze of professional assassins, vengeful pirates, and a secret concealed in the shadows—a secret that threatens to consume him.

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