Winter is Coming

Ok, the title was originally going to be “Getting Ready for Winter,” but “Winter is Coming” sounds so House Stark. 

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I am getting the house ready, and I’m also getting ready for Nanowrimo. I’ve never done anything like this event before, but I decided it could be a real learning experience. The fact that I’m doing it in the same month that’s leading up to Name of the Shadow’s release is a bit masochistic of me, sure. But, that is the timing the universe has dished up.

I have a zillion things to fix for and do to to this little website, and corresponding things to do to my site. That’s OK. Here’s why I say that:

Establishing an author platform takes time to do well, and it’s a cumulative process. Things I set up now will aid me for my next book launch, which will help again for the next book launch, etc. A writer friend of mine has explained to me that establishing a platform is a marathon, not a sprint.

When I got Story Studios Presents Changing of the Guard ready for publication, I feverishly read books on promotion, newsletters, and every other aspect of getting that book out there. I was in a lather leading up to its launch, and in a frothing frenzy in the months after it. It was no way to live, and I honestly came to wonder why anyone would venture into self-publication if that was what it’s like.

Not this time. I get what I can get done as I go. I didn’t put all art and creative writing aside like I did last time. I took a methodical approach, and I treated slow as the new fast. (Yes, that sounds cliche. It is. But, it’s true.) In other words, I was not going to stay in the world of self-publishing if it made my  miserable all the time. 

I’m 55, and I’ll turn 56 not long after Name of the Shadow comes out. Maybe my time on earth has taught me a thing or two. I sure hope so.

Since this is a new site, not many people will read this post. I’m OK with that. If that situation persists, and I cannot get any traction here, then I can change my future approach. 

I have some other thoughts I’d enjoy sharing, but, really, I’ve already exceeded the word count for a post that most people won’t read. More words forthcoming as the days count down to winter. 

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